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Even In The Light



When 10-year-old Sofia starts to sleepwalk at night, a series of unsettling events begin to unfold even when the lights are on.


10-year-old Sofia wakes up their mother and their mother’s boyfriend in the middle of the night while running away from a monster. As we follow Sofia’s story we will find out that they can’t tell the difference between nightmares, dreams and reality. After the divorce of their parents and gender identity, the secrets they keep, fears, traumas and struggles takes over their life.

While Sofia struggles with their nightmares and sleepwalk, Jacinto Karla’s boyfriend also abuses of Sofia when Karen is not at home. Due to fear Sofia never talks about their relationship with Jacinto, even with their therapist. Sooner or later Karen realizes what Jacinto has been doing to Sofia and decides to leave his house and seeks for help with her ex-husband Rodrigo. At the end of the film, they will discover that their ghosts are friends of their anxiety, and that their traumas will never leave them but they will learn to deal with them for the rest of their life.


Even in the light is a short thriller film that invites the viewer on a journey of self-reflection and discovery of the impact of our childhood experience. The director of the film, Valeria Avina dives deep into the psyche of the main character, an 8 year-old kid who has experienced lockdown due to the pandemic and is just beginning their journey in therapy. As we follow their journey, we discover the beginning and growth of their anxiety, shown as monsters that show up at night and during the day. This story is inspired by the director’s own childhood experience, growing up as a queer non-binary person in a Mexican patriarchal household. The purpose of this campaign is to raise the necessary funds to shoot, edit and release this film, Valeria Avina’s opera prima.  


The Film Kickstarter will begin October 5th 

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The remarkable, beautifully-made new production, is guaranteed to keep you glued to your seat. With breathtaking scenes and an award-winning crew.  Explore the site to watch exclusive clips and to find out information about our coming up fundraiser

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